Community Advisory Panel

The Junior League of Wilmington brings together community leaders and representatives from local nonprofit organizations to discuss our community’s current needs. These Community Advisory Panel (CAP) discussions are an integral part of selecting programs the League will support in the future and are the primary source for determining future partners. In addition, the CAP is a valuable community service as it brings together nonprofit organizations to learn about each other and offers opportunities for collaboration.

We are very proud of the positive feedback we have received from past attendees and our impact in encouraging collaboration around our community’s needs. If you represent a local nonprofit organization in the greater Wilmington area and would like to participate in future CAPs and/or would like consideration for future program support or partnerships, please click here to provide your contact information.

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, the CAP/Visioning Committee held the first Community Advisory Panel Breakfast of the League year. Representatives of nineteen organizations with various backgrounds came to headquarters prepared to discuss what they believed the current needs of the community were as well as their current programs and how the Junior League of Wilmington could help, particularly in the area of children's health.

As in previous years, the breakfast gave panelists the opportunity to not only share what current projects they were working on, but also provided a forum for different organizations to interface and begin to develop collaborations with one another. Participants greatly appreciated the chance to meet one another and the League of Wilmington.

The CAP/Visioning Committee is in the process of compiling the vast amounts of information gathered from the breakfast. We will summarize what we learned and make it available on the Junior League of Wilmington’s website. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success!