Become a Partner

The Junior League of Wilmington (JLW) invites all eligible agencies to apply for League  partnership. An eligible agency must be a 501(c)(3) organization that provides JLW volunteers with meaningful volunteer opportunities, including diversity and flexibility in the times available for volunteer work. The JLW looks for partners that will develop the potential of our volunteers and empower them to promote community change.

Our primary service area is the City of Wilmington and surrounding communities. The League runs on a fiscal year of June through May. To learn more about partnership opportunities please read below or join us at the JLW Community Advisory Panel.

In our collaboration, we look for projects to help us improve the community in an impactful way while bringing together members of the community to affect that change and educate the community on its impact of collective action.

The JLW collaborates with partners in a variety of ways:

• Volunteers– provide trained volunteers to support agency programs and events.

• Volunteers and Funding – provide trained volunteers and funding to support agency programs.

• Special Project Opportunities – provides trained volunteers for short-term projects that typically can be completed in a day.

• Board of Directors Participation – link trained volunteers to nonprofit Board service

• Advocacy – partner with agencies to build community and legislative support

• Community Drive – distribute needed goods to partner agencies, such as children's books, toys, school supplies, clothing, baby items, and used household items.

• Kids in the Kitchen – provide instructional and interactive events which empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices to help fight the growth of childhood obesity and its associated negative health issues.